Registrar FAQ

General FAQ for Registrars

Q. What is the Start & End date of each launch phase with time and time zone?

A. The full Launch Schedule is as follows:

Sunrise Period: Sept. 23, 2015 16:00 UTC – Nov. 17, 2015 16:00 UTC

Landrush Period: N/A – Registry will not offer a Landrush Registration Period

General Registration Period: Nov. 19, 2015 16:00 UTC

Claims Period: Nov. 19, 2015 – Feb. 17, 2015

Q. Who can register a .earth domain name?

A. The .earth Top-Level Domain (TLD) is a new Internet extension developed to add to the diversity of available namespaces on the Internet, and therefore is open, without restriction, for all Internet users.

Q. Is there a Nexus Requirement to register a .earth domain name?

A. No, there is no Nexus Requirement or any additional special registration requirements to register a .earth domain name.

Q. Will an Application Fee be charged for Sunrise applications?

A. The registry charges a “Sunrise Fee”. This fee is charged one time for each successful domain registration in the sunrise period in addition to the standard domain registration fee. Thus, a successful Sunrise Registration will consist of two charges; Sunrise Fee (Injection Fee) + Domain Registration Fee. Registrars will only be charged this fee for a successful domain registration. Note: Premium Domain Names will not be available in the Sunrise Registration Period.

Q. Will the Sunrise fee and/or Registration Fee be refunded in the event of an unsuccessful Sunrise application?

A. The Registrar will only be charged a Sunrise Fee (injection Fee) for a successful Sunrise domain registration.

Q. Are multi-year registrations available in the Sunrise and Landrush Periods?

A. Yes. In the event of a multi-year application, the pricing will be as follows: Sunrise Fee + Standard Domain Registration Free (x) number of years. Note: the maximum term for a domain registration is 10 years.A Landrush Period will not be offered.

Q. How are multiple applications for the same domain allocated under Sunrise Period?

A. Sunrise domains will be allocated using the First Come, First Served (FCFS) principle. All domain allocations will be done in real time, in the order received by the registry system.

Q. Are domains on ICANN's collision list (DITL) available for application under Sunrise/Landrush/GA?

A. Domain names listed on ICANN’s collision list (DITL) went through the mandatory monitoring process and concluded on August 13, 2015. These domains may be allocated starting with the Sunrise Registration period and can resolve immediately. Registry will not offer a Landrush Period.

Q. Are Premium names available for registration? If yes, when (example: during Sunrise, Landrush or GA)?

A. The Registry plans to offer a number of premium domains via EPP directly from the registry platform as well as through various aftermarket channels throughout the life of the TLD starting from General Availability. Premium domain names made available via EPP will be offered in a tiered pricing structure and will be announced by Registry at least 30 days prior to commencing sales on Premium Domain Names.

– Pricing will be set in a total of six tiers

– Premium domains will renew at the premium registration fee (the same fee they are purchased for.)

Q. Can Registrars receive a copy of the Premium Domain Name List?

A. The Registry will provide a copy of the Premium Domain Name List to all Registrars well in advance of offering the names.

Q. Can a registrar view premium/reserved status within the web interface?

A. The “Check Domain Existence” function in RAT works just like the Check domain EPP command in that it returns a “Can/Cannot be Provisioned” response depending on whether or not a domain is available. A name on a reserved/premium list will return a “Cannot be Provisioned Response.”

Q. If IDNs can be registered, what are the supported languages?

A. The registry does not currently allow IDN registrations. Registry will notify all registrars of any future plans to offer IDN second-level registrations.

Q. Will proxy registrations or privacy protection be permitted?

A. Yes. Our Whois Access Policy States the following:


Accredited registrars may elect to offer Privacy and Proxy Services for registrations in the .earth TLD. In such an event, registrars must ensure that the actual WHOIS data is obtained from the registrant and must maintain accurate records of such data. Registrars shall maintain compliance with any future specifications of Privacy and Proxy Services developed by ICANN.


In the event that the registration information collected is masked by privacy or proxy services, registrars must provide Law Enforcement Agencies (“LEA”) with the actual WHOIS data upon receipt of a verified request in order to establish liability for all actions in relation to a domain name. In addition, where a domain name is removed from the root zone, the domain name record may still appear in the gTLD WHOIS database so that the name and entities can be investigated by LEA should they elect to become involved.

Q. What are the requirements for Sunrise registration?

A. There are no special requirement outside of ICANN’s mandated requirements. (Valid TMCH registration + SMD File)

General Onboarding and Registrar Interface FAQ

Q. Is a web interface for registrars available?

Yes, the Registry has partnered with Neustar, so you’ll be able to access the Registrar Admin Tool (RAT), which is a web interface available to all registrars connected to Neustar.

Q. Is both web panel and EPP available for submission of applications for all phases (example: are registrars given an option to manually submit Sunrise/GA applications via web panel)?

A. Yes, Registrars will be able to access the Registrar Admin Tool (RAT) provided by Neustar. The RAT is a web tool for executing EPP transactions. In general, the capabilities are limited to executing command via a web interface rather than EPP.

Q. Will there be any requirements regarding the setup of the web interface? For example, does the customer have to provide any info to gain access to the interface (whitelist IP addresses etc.)?

As a Registrar offering other Neustar TLDs you likely already have access. If not you’ll just need to submit a simple application form. If you do not have access to the RAT for other Neustar operated TLDs, please let us know and we can help you get set up.

Q. Is OT&E testing mandatory before access to Production environment is given?

A. If you are already handling TLDs managed by Neustar’s backend system, or your registrar is already set up with other TLDs managed by Interlink (.moe, or .osaka), you will not be required to go through OT&E testing. However, testing of the Premium Domain Name functionality before the start of General Availability is highly recommended. If you are a new Registrar and have not established an account and connection to Neustar’s Registry system, Neustar will guide you through the necessary steps once the .earth RRA is complete. Please contact us if you need any assistance.

Q. Is technical documentation available?

A. Yes, you’ll receive a technical package from Neustar after signing the Registry Registrar Agreement. Please contact us if you need any assistance.

Q. For domains on the reserved list, will the query domain function return the correct result informing that domain is reserved by registry?

A. Whether through EPP or the Web Interface, names on the reserved list or collision list will show a response of “cannot be provisioned”.

Billing FAQ

Q. What currency will you accept payment in?

A. Registrars can choose between US Dollars (USD) and Euro (EUR). If a registrar selects to Euro, all TLDs on Neustar platform, not just .earth, will be billed in Euro. Likewise, if USD is selected, you will be billed in USD for all TLDs handled by Neustar.

Q. How will you accept payment? (credit card, wire, etc.)

A. Registrars that subscribe to Neuter’s current prepaid billing will be required to fund their account via wire transfer.

Q. Will the renewal cost apply for all domain names regardless of what phase they were initially registered in?

A. Yes, all Standard Domain Names, regardless of the phase, will renew at the standard domain registration/renewal fee. Premium Domain Names will renew at the Premium Domain Registration Fee.

Q. Will the premium priced domain names renew at the standard renewal cost?

A. No, Premium Domain Names will renew at the Premium Domain Registration Fee.

Q. What is the domain transfer cost?

A. Transfers are handled just like other standard gTLDs such as .com/.net/.biz. For each transfer of the sponsorship of a domain-name registration the registry may charge the gaining registrar a maximum fee equal to the renewal registration fee associated with a one-year extension. The registrar will be billed for one transaction. Please keep in mind that Premium Domain Names will incur a transfer/renewal fee equal to the Premium Domain Name Registration Fee.

Q. Will there be any charge for domain modifications?

A. There will be no charge for modification of domain information.

Q. How will the registrar be billed for restoring a domain?

Expired Domain Names:

When a domain name expires, it enters a 45-day auto-renew grace period. If during that auto-renew grace period, it is then explicitly deleted, it becomes restorable for a period of 30 days (redemption grace period). In this scenario if the domain name is restored, a restore fee will be levied by the Registry to the sponsoring registrar. A renewal fee will also be charged to the sponsoring registrar, and the domain name will be renewed for the default term.

Non-Expired Domain Names:

Prior to a domain name expiring, when it is explicitly deleted, the domain name then enters 30-day redemption grace period, during which it is restorable. If it is restored, a restore fee will be levied by the Registry to the sponsoring registrar. In this case no renewal fee is required as the domain name reverts to its original status in terms of its expiry date.

Q. If a registrar is set up on the post pay option that Neustar provides, when will the invoices be issued, and when are they due?

A. The pay-in-arrears option (or Post-Pay system) is available to registrars that have been pre-approved; invoices are issued at the beginning of each month following the “billing month”, and are due immediately or at most Net-30. If you have an existing Neustar billing deposit account, it may be simpler to continue the same billing style you have now.