Happy .Earth Users

From parkour enthusiasts to photographers to boaters to electric car manufacturers and environmental activists, there’s a growing “tribe” of happy .Earth domain users. Here’s what they had to say:

“.Earth is very much in line with what we are trying to achieve as an organization. We do our work for the people and the planet, and having a .Earth domain name really helps to showcase that this is part of who we are and working towards.”

Charlotte Bonner, Director of SOS.Earth.

“It’s a privilege to have been invited by the .Earth Registry to set up this live site as a founding member of the new .Earth community.”
Michael McGee, Creator of CO2.Earth.

“I’m not a naturally outgoing publicist, and so I need to take advantage of all the more passive opportunities that exist to promote my web content. For me, having a domain name and email address that stand out, and really mean something, provides a fantastic way to grab attention.”
-Joe Gray, Creator of Deepgreen.earth

“Boaters usually have a healthy respect for Earth, so we wanted a name that supports the idea that boats promote the exploration of the planet.”
Martin Berman Director of Go Earth.

“The .Earth domain really articulates what Parkour is all about. Unlike other sports that have a court or a field, with Parkour all we need is the Earth to practice our sport.”
-Eugene Minogue, Chief Executive of Parkour.Earth.

“Our company name actually comes from the .Earth domain. We needed a name that shows what we intend to do, and we looked at it the other way around starting with the .Earth domain.”
-Duarte de Zoeten, a Founder of Mossy.Earth.

“Our view is that the Earth is our planetary home, and we are a company that wants to define a new business paradigm that addresses this fact. The .Earth domain was a natural domain for us to have.”
-Dr. Bruno D.V. Marino, the Founder and CEO of the Planet Alpha Corp.

“When I saw that .Earth was an option, I was beyond delighted because my work is inclusive of ‘Mother Earth,’ and my journey has been about a connection to Earth.”
-Aravel Garduno, Founder of ConsciousCreations.Earth.

“We knew that our name, Replenish Earth, had to be represented in the domain name. It’s all about abundance, as much as it is being in alignment with the future of the planet, which comes across in the name.”
-Dr. Tia Kansara, Founder of Replenish.Earth.

“Having a .com domain name did not make sense, and we don’t even own the .com name – nor do we want it. And, overall, the .Earth domain name really fits our overall brand.”
-Lewis Horne, CEO of Uniti.Earth.

“I felt that a .com name was ‘old school,’ and the .Earth domain is the best way to build a brand that had consistent labeling across all of our digital platforms.”
Dennis Dimick, Co-Founder of EyesOn.Earth.

“We were surprised when we saw that the domain was open and we were thrilled. It’s a beautiful thing for us to have Dashboard.Earth as our website, because it says it all.”
-Stephen Marshall, a Co-Director of Dashboard.Earth.

“When we found out that we could get Roaring.Earth as a domain name, we were very inspired.  The Earth is our domain overall, and it goes well beyond a .com domain name, and we are really excited about leveraging it.”
– Jan Renner, the Founder of Roaring.Earth.

“We love it! We were so happy to use .Earth, and we think it’s awesome. The way we run VOPO is all about Mother Nature and the Earth – it represents us amazingly.”
– Charlotte Rose Mellis, the Founder of Vox Populi (VOPO.Earth).

“Since we have Earth in our name and we thought .Earth would make a perfect fit. It makes us stand out … and it is a great opportunity for us. It’s a great talking point, as well.”
-Matt McCann, CEO and Founder of Access.Earth.

“The .Earth domain is a great way to show where your allegiances as an organization lay. For us, this is very much devoted to our home planet, Earth,” said Fung in the podcast interview. “The purchase choices of our consumers not only impact the artisans and their communities, but also actually helps the planet.”
-Gideon Fung, the Founder of EmpowerProject.Earth.

“We needed something that represents our company and brand, not only locally but globally too. What better way to do this than to have ‘Earth’ after our company name.”
-Rebecca Wehrle, the Founder of Nowet the Greenway.

“Our challenge is to build the civic technologies that help update our democracy to the Internet era,” he stated. “The .Earth domain clearly expresses our belief in a borderless world that empowers individuals anywhere.”
-Santiago Siri, one of the Founders of Democracy Earth Foundation.

“…in doing our research we did realize there is a .earth domain and there is nothing more apt about Catalog.Earth than using this since it is also dedicated to such a cause … there was definitely no better domain for this effort.”
-David Al-Ibrahim and Saba Singh, the Founders of Catalog.Earth.

“I was really excited to see .Earth as an option. It perfectly represents our business, and it helps to clarify what we are all about – especially since ‘green’ branding tends to lean more towards marijuana.”
-Kathy Rohret, the Founder of GreenCityLiving.Earth.