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Global Public Gets New Website for Tracking Atmospheric CO2

Nov 13, 2015

Private citizen in Canada launches CO2.Earth website that makes it easier for people worldwide to connect with vital planetary climate updates.


Michael McGee, creator of the CO2-data posting website CO2Now.org, is moving ‘Earth’s CO2 Home Page’ to a new, permanent address: http://co2.earth CO2.Earth launches today as one of the world’s very first websites to get on the internet with a .earth domain. On November 19, 2015, .earth domains become available for registration by the public. (See https://domain.earth)

“The CO2.Earth name perfectly communicates the focus and scope of the data delivery work I’ve been doing since 2007,” McGee said. “It’s a privilege to have been invited by the .earth Registry in Japan to set up this live site as a founding member of the new .earth community.”

CO2.Earth helps individuals and organizations connect with important knowledge that science has accumulated about the planet as a whole. It is a kind of global online learning place where people of diverse backgrounds can track important planetary trends such as the rising level of CO2 and warming temperatures. It is a place where people are invited to explore the conditions that are needed if we are going to achieve stabilization.

“The earth system is changing rapidly and there’s so much climate information available that a lot of people have a hard time knowing what’s useful,” McGee stated. “So I built CO2.Earth to bring the big climate numbers together in a context that makes it easier for non-experts to track the trends and learn what they mean.”

Using a .earth domain is tied to a voluntary pledge to act as an ambassador of earth and do away with actions that harm it and its inhabitants. CO2.Earth helps by making it easier for people to know their planet better and what it takes to keep the earth a livable place. As the world’s climate policy makers converge in Paris with an objective to stabilize the level of CO2 and other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, the urgency has never been greater for a site like CO2.Earth–and for more people to become an ambassador of the earth.


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