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New .earth Domains Gain Momentum in Marketplace Since Public Launch

Mar 10, 2016

Top Level Domain Enables Global Citizens to Share Their Voices for the Betterment of Society and Enrichment of Life on Earth

TOKYO, March 10, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Interlink Co., Ltd., the official operator of the .earth domain registry, announced today that the new .earth top-level domains (TLD) have been gaining momentum in the marketplace.

Designed to be a platform that enables global citizens to share their voices for the betterment of society and enrichment of life on Earth, the new .earth domain enhances the overall online brand strength for any organization.

On November 19, 2015, .earth domains officially became available to the general public, and a wide-range of organizations have taken advantage of the new online platform, including:

  • Democracy Earth Foundation: A Civic technology start-up Democracy Earth Foundation, backed by Y Combinator.
  • CO2.Earth: A citizen-led sustainability initiative aimed at tracking Earth’s “vital signs.
  • Access Earth: A provider of reliable and up-to-date information on the accessibility of buildings and premises.

“Thanks to .earth, it’s possible for everyone to further support green efforts, and have more credibility in the marketplace, which could also include energy, oil and gas, utilities, as well as chemicals and plastics providers,” said Jacob Williams, Interlink General Manager of Domain Services.

In the coming weeks, Interlink will be launching new promotions, campaigns and initiatives in support of Earth Day2016.

“From urbanization to natural disasters to global conflict over resources, we face very significant challenges in transforming global change into action, which requires information,” added Williams.  “The .earth domain can help Earth and environmental-related messages to stand out in Internet search results and build trust through a community by creating quality content. This effort could ultimately result in the action required to ensure a stable future for our planet.”

To receive ongoing updates about the value and promise of the .earth TLD, be sure to check out the new Voices.Earth site, which will contain a number of Earth Day-related updates and other news about planet Earth.

About Interlink Co., Ltd.

Interlink Co., Ltd. is a Tokyo-based technology company founded in 1994. Interlink runs a successful Internet service provider (ISP) business and offers a wide range of Internet-related services. The company has been developing the .earth top-level domain (TLD) since 2011 and secured the rights to the TLD in 2014. Interlink executed a contract with ICANN, the governing authority of the global domain name system (DNS) in December 2014, allowing the company to operate the “.earth” TLD. Learn more about .earth at https://domain.earth.