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Top 10 Voices.Earth Podcasts of 2021

In honor of our .Earth domain tribe, we have complied the top 10 Voices.Earth podcasts of 2021 – to shine a light on those users who truly stood out last year, and to also inspire future .Earth domain users.

NASA International Space Apps Challenge Participants Using the .Earth Domain

NASA recently announced the winners of the challenge. While the .Earth domain users did not make it to the winner’s list, they created some very innovative submissions that are worthy of spotlighting.

Tribevibe.Earth Creates Community for Making International Friends

In this Voices.Earth podcast interview, we speak with Zlatko Najdenovski, founder of Tribevibe, a community for travelers, digital nomads, expats, and simply people who want to make international friends.

SPUN.Earth Protecting Underground Networks

In this Voices.Earth podcast interview, we speak with Vasilis Kokkoris with SPUN.Earth, the Society for the Protection of Underground Networks, which aims to protect underground networks that are vital to our planet’s health.