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Top 10 Voices.earth Podcasts of 2021

Dec 30, 2021

Every year, the universe of .earth domain users expands in unexpected ways, and 2021 was no exception. In addition to our growing base of users, we have seen a variety of new and creative organizations and people using the domain in very specialized ways.

In honor of our .earth domain tribe, we have complied the top 10 Voices.earth podcasts of 2021 – to shine a light on those users who truly stood out last year, and to also inspire future .earth domain users.

Here’s the list:

  • #10 – Tribevibe.earth: This new organization offers a community for travelers, digital nomads, expats, and simply people who want to make international friends. Click here to listen to the podcast. 
  • #9 – LightClub.earth: Offering an “inner world” immersive experience using light, sound, and vibration, Light Club is a new form of therapy that creates a sustained state of deep relaxation, enhances insights and intuition, and provides mental and emotional clarity. Click here to listen to the podcast. 
  • #8 – Giki.earth: This organization builds digital products that help people live more sustainably by providing accessible, independent, and transparent information. Click here to listen to the podcast.
  • #7 – TheCeremonialist.earth: Georgia Wall uses the .Earth domain to showcase services around creating ceremonies to mark and honor key life transitions. Click here to listen to the podcast.
  • #6 – GivingGreen.earth: This organization aims to direct dollars and volunteers towards evidence-backed projects that combat the climate crisis. Click here to listen to the podcast.
  • #5 – Home.earth: This European real estate company is setting out to develop urban communities with inclusivity, livability and sustainability at its core. Click here to listen to the podcast.
  • #4 – RadicalOceanFutures.earth: This organization is dedicated to creating a prototype that reimagines our future oceans to help guide efforts towards more sustainable ocean governance. Click here to listen to the podcast.
  • #3 – GrailLeadership.earth: Holly McCann uses the .Earth domain to showcase her services that help leaders and organizations to bring epic visions to life, unleashing mutual thriving of people and the Earth, through embodying round-table leadership. Click here to listen to the podcast.
  • #2 – Wanderlands.earth: This organization works with businesses and individuals across the UK to assess their carbon footprint and create sustainable offset solutions. Click here to listen to the podcast.
  • #1 – SPUN.earth: The Society for the Protection of Underground Networks uses the .earth domain to promote the protection of underground networks that are vital to our planet’s health. Click here to listen to the podcast.

The .earth domain creates a unique place that unites like minds – whether it be brands or individuals – and allows them to promote their passions, causes, businesses, brands or stories for the overall betterment of life for all.

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