.earth Chronicles

The Yoga World Embraces the .earth Domain

Jan 19, 2022

With origins that trace back more than 5,000 years ago, yoga is a group of physical, mental, and spiritual practices and disciplines that aim to control and still the mind. Today, it has become very popular on a global scale, with an estimated 36 million Americans practicing regularly.

As the yoga discipline continues to grow, we are seeing a wide-range of yoga studios and practitioners embracing the .earth domain. Since there are a number of yoga poses that connect with the “Earth element,” this specialized domain is truly a perfect fit for this unique and global subculture.

Here’s a quick summary of some of the yoga studios and practitioners using the .earth domain:

  • BlissYoga.earth: Based in France and run by Celina Sochaczewska, Bliss Yoga caters to a range of yoga abilities, enabling students to live their best lives through finding mental and physical balance. Learn more here.
  • BlueYoga.earth: Yoga instructor Malin Bray offers an Asana practice that reconnects body and spirit by using movement as medicine to gently expand and strengthen the mind-body continuum. Learn more here.
  • MareebaYoga.earth: Located in Mareeba, Australia, Mareeba Yoga offers regular Therapy Yoga, Vinyasa and Hatha Asana classes to re-connect you with the body and enhance overall wellbeing. Learn more here.
  • BeHereWell.earth: Jess Holliday owns and manages Be Here Well, which offers breath work, meditation and yoga classes aimed at awakening your spirit and tapping into your potential to live life with joy. Learn more here.
  • SacredRootWellness.earth: Tanya Henderson runs Sacred Root Wellness where she offers a wide-range of wellness classes and trainings in holistic nutrition, herbal medicine and yoga. Learn more here.
  • SPARK.earth: SPARK creates sacred spaces for transformation for you to free up your energy, re-ignite your inner spark and manifest your talents with enthusiasm through yoga, reiki and family constellation therapy. Learn more here.

Do you own a yoga studio or are an avid practitioner and teacher? The .Earth domain is the perfect platform for showcasing your yoga classes. Click here to secure your own .Earth domain.