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Climate Risk Disclosures Rising in Prominence

Feb 23, 2022

Time for Big Brands to Consider Using the .Earth Domain for Communicating Disclosures

As the global business community starts to realize the impact of their efforts on our climate, Climate Risk Disclosures are increasingly coming more into the forefront.

For example, the Biden administration released an Executive Order that would require companies to produce these climate-related disclosures through the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

As highlighted in this recent National Law Review article, this focus on financial regulation and climate change disclosures has been embraced in Europe over the past several years as an effective tool for addressing climate change.

The concept of Climate Risk Disclosures was originally proposed in 2017 by the Financial Stability Board (FSB) as a way for companies to voluntarily disclose the risks and opportunities from climate change.

While U.S. banks are now urging regulators to be more flexible on this reporting requirement, the reality is that Climate Risk Disclosures are gaining in prominence and will be a new and welcomed reality for the U.S. business community.

In October 2021, we published a blog post about how companies should consider developing comprehensive communications program with the .Earth domain being the foundation for this effort.

Today, many large companies and brands have already secured their own .Earth domain names, but are not using them to showcase their sustainability efforts.

Now is the time for them to use their .Earth domains for developing Climate Risk Disclosure-related micro-sites that showcase a wide-range of content – from blog posts to white papers to company climate mitigation manifestos, and more.

Those companies that take a proactive step in developing these types of communications campaigns will not only be one-step-ahead when it comes to climate risk reporting, but they will also showcase how their brands are truly working to save our planet.

If your company does not already have a .Earth domain, now’s the time to secure one for any climate risk-associated marketing efforts. The .Earth domain can serve as the foundation for branding these important efforts. Please click here to secure your very own .Earth domain.