.earth Chronicles

Earth Year In Review. Goodbye, 2018!

Dec 27, 2018

2018 was a great year for the .earth domain. We saw the number of active websites steadily increase while reaching a milestone of 10,000 domains under management. Earth domains are now registered around the globe, and it’s clear; the world is taking note of the need to take swift action to take care of our planet.

We’re incredibly proud that the .earth domain is becoming the choice platform for individuals, organizations, and businesses to share their voices. For us, there is no better way to see how people are engaged in activities to better our planet than simply just looking through websites that use a .earth domain name.

Small business like Whittle.earth, “crafts-people that have a deep love of their rural environment,” out of the UK, organizations like COmON.earth in the Netherlands, which is dedicated to the regeneration and re-greening of degraded areas worldwide, and individuals like Alex Illyn, founder of GreenGamers.earth, embody what the .earth domain stands for.

In 2018 we discussed climate change, sustainability issues, mind and body health, mapping, drone technology, travel, and much more with over twenty .Earth domain owners through our Voices.earth Podcast Series.

Most recently Blueturn.earth reminded us how beautiful our plant is, and Naturescape.earth motivated us to get out and “smell the roses.” Hikepack.earth gave us the tools to get out in the wilderness and not get lost, while Spark.earth taught us how to just be better. Companies like Astrea.earth and Soar.earth blew our minds with their ideas for decentralizing access to Earth-observation data.

To wrap up the year the .earth team visited the Douro Valley in Portugal to view the progress made in reforesting the wild-fire damaged area. Our partner Mossy.earth planted a total of 7,000 trees — 500 of which were a direct result of our campaign last November and December.

Here’s to 2019, and growing the .Earth tribe!