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.earth Domain Case Study: Mossy.earth Planting Native Trees and Restoring Wild Ecosystems

Jan 30, 2020

As the .earth domain continues to gain traction in the marketplace, we are finding new case studies about organizations that are experiencing tremendous value from using this very special domain.

From enhancing overall brand awareness to generating revenue and expanding their memberships, there is no shortage of .Earth domain success stories for us to share.

This case study shines a light on Mossy.earth, an organization that focuses exclusively on replanting and re-wilding areas that have been impacted by forest fires and human intervention.

The .earth domain partnered with Mossy.earth to celebrate our second anniversary in 2017 by planting one tree for each new .Earth domain name that was registered online. Specifically, this effort focused on re-planting and re-wilding the International Douro Natural Park in Portugal, which was burned by the 2017 summer wildfires.

Thanks to this effort, the project reached a total of 7,000 trees planted — 500 of which were a direct result of the .Earth domain second anniversary promotion.

In addition to the efforts at the International Douro Natural Park in Portugal, the Mossy.Earth team has planted more than 35,000 trees to date across four projects in three countries with 1,200 new trees being planted per month.

When it comes to using a .Earth domain name, the organization actually found .Earth first, then came up with the official name of Mossy.Earth.

“Our company name comes from the .Earth domain,” said Duarte de Zoeten, one of the founders of Mossy.Earth, in this Voices.Earth podcast. “We needed a name that shows what we intend to do, and we looked at it the other way around starting with the .Earth domain. It’s also a great talking point for us, and people react very positively to the name Mossy.Earth. We are happy to have a cool .Earth name on our hands now.”

The future looks very bright for Mossy.Earth. Its membership base is growing fast – setting the team on course to reach their goal of planting 1 million trees by 2022.

To learn more about the successes of Mossy.Earth, and how the organization continues to make a positive impact on the state of the planet’s wildernesses and forests, please click here