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.earth Now Available Through Google Domains

Jun 17, 2020

Since its launch in November 2015, the .earth domain has gained tremendous traction around the world for creating a unique place that unites like minds—whether it be brands or individuals—and allows them to promote their passions, causes, businesses, brands or stories for the overall betterment of life for all.

As a result, the .Earth tribe has expanded well beyond green organizations to include geospatial companies, trade organizations, travel companies, engineering firms, new technology innovators, authors, artists, and much more.

The momentum continues today with Google Domains now being an official registrar partner for .Earth. This provides an additional resource for prospective .Earth users to find a specialized domain that fits their unique organizational and personal goals.

How can .Earth help your web presence? Hear directly about the benefits of this domain from our happy .Earth tribe in our Voices.Earth podcast series here. In addition, here are some recent quotes from our users:

  • Our mission is to inspire as many children as possible so they can become ambassadors of Earth, and make better decisions when it comes to helping the planet,” said Janine Geijsen, Director at SpaceBuzz.Earth. “The .Earth domain fits with this mission while also making us unique. It also makes us global, and it’s not related to any one country or category.”
  • “We chose a .Earth domain because it gave us an opportunity to align our brand with a very clear purpose that was much bigger than an individual company,” said Gillian Benjamin, Founder of MakeTomorrow.Earth. “It also helped set us apart from others, which is really important because most environmental organizations are very generic. The domain is fresh and exciting and ticked all the boxes for us.”
  • “When we were coming up with the organization’s name, the .Earth domain really stood out as a way to focus the image of the brand as an environmental project,” said Jemma Chodecki, Educational Outreach Manager for Cuddle.Earth. “The .Earth domain actually came before we had a name, and then it just made sense to put ‘Cuddle’ in front of ‘Earth,’ since we make cuddly toys and look after the planet.”

Ready to join the .Earth tribe? Click here to secure your own .Earth domain through Google Domains.