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Top 7 .earth Domain Users Dedicated to Saving Our Oceans

Aug 11, 2021

Last week, a rather sobering study was publicized that points to how human-caused warming has led to “almost complete loss of stability” in the system that drives Atlantic Ocean currents. As a result, we could experience extreme cold in North America and Europe, as well as raised sea levels and disruptive seasonal monsoons.

For example, here’s a recent article that highlights how sea waters are now warmer, more acidic and hold less oxygen – and what that means for human health overall.

In addition to actively reducing greenhouse emissions, we have to move quickly to help restore our oceans, and create the vital balance that is needed to keep our planet healthy.

Fortunately, there are many ocean-related .earth domain users that are already making strides in this arena. Here are the top 7:

  • #7 – OceanRebellion.earth: Part of the Extinction Rebellion, this sub-organization aims to tell the truth about the destruction of our oceans, and reverse ocean acidification, sea level rise and ecological collapse by 2025. Learn more here.
  • #6 – Tide.earth: This Switzerland-based company turns the plastic polluting our oceans and coastlines into safe, useful products such as textiles, apparel, furniture, watches and more. Learn more here, and listen to our Voices.Earth podcast with Tide.Earth here.
  • #5 – RadicalOceanFutures.earth: This organization is dedicated to creating a prototype that reimagines our future oceans, to help guide efforts towards a more sustainable ocean governance. Learn more here.
  • #4 – OceanData.earth: Hosted by the Ocean Data Foundation, this website aims to disrupt how ocean data is used by businesses, governments, scientists, and conservation organizations to achieve healthy and productive oceans. Learn more here. 
  • #3 – WavesofChange.earth: This is the official website for the Waves of Change Forum, a non-profit based in Biarritz, France that is building a coalition for blue (ocean) growth and green (earth) tech solutions. Learn more here, and listen to our podcast with WavesofChange.Earth here.
  • #2 – Finance.earth: This organization has partnered with the WWF to launch the Blue Impact Fund that targets enterprises producing sustainable seafood and aquatic plants that can generate attractive returns while delivering ocean resilience and recovery. Learn more here.
  • #1 – Underwater.earth: This not-for-profit organization developed a unique underwater camera capable of revealing the oceans in Google Street View – giving us a view of what is really happening under the surface. Learn more here.

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