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AllWeCanSave.earth Named One of the Best Books on Climate Change

Aug 5, 2021

.earth Domain User Named Top Book By the Earth Day Network

In order to truly counter today’s climate crisis, we need a mix of both education and public policy changes on a global scale. Thankfully, many .Earth domain users are leading the way on both fronts, and are getting the proper recognition needed to help expand critical messages to aid in our planet’s survival.

For example, AllWeCanSave.Earth is the official website for the book All We Can Save, a compilation of essays and poetry by 60 leading women climate activists, edited by Ayana Johnson and Dr. Katharine K. Wilkinson.

The Earth Day Network recently published a blog post about the 12 best books on climate change, and All We Can Save came in at #3.

“‘All We Can Save’ shows us the power that women have in creating the solutions we need for the climate crisis,” said Alexandria Villaseñor, who founded Earth Uprising International, in the blog post. “The presence of women in the climate movement makes our solutions more inclusive and intersectional, and women do this by centering equity and justice.”

The Earth Day Network is not the only organization taking notice of this book. Dr. Katharine K. Wilkinson recently authored this Time Magazine editorial on how to counter climate change from an individual perspective. Democracy Now also just did a segment on the book, and Conservation International named it a top book for any summer reading list.

In addition, this Gizmodo article discusses how the concept of “we” is a critical element of this book. “‘We’ speaks to the collective, to collaboration, to community,” as highlighted in the book’s epilogue.

The concept of “we” also plays well into the overall mission and vision of the .Earth domain tribe, which is collectively using the domain to promote their passions, causes, businesses, brands or stories for the overall betterment of life for all.

This special domain is all about uniting and establishing cooperative relationships between individuals and organizations that wish to show their support for making Earth a better place.

AllWeCanSave.Earth is a prime example of how the .Earth domain can be used to promote a very important book that is putting a spotlight on the value of collectively tackling today’s most pressing climate challenges.

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