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Using .Earth Domains to Communicate Climate Risk Disclosures

With climate risk disclosures likely to become mandatory, companies should consider using .Earth domains for micro-sites for share how they are meeting these mandates.

Myriad.Earth Creating Artistic Experiences About Global Animal Pathways

In this Voices.Earth podcast interview, we speak with Lena Thiele and Sebastian Baurmann, who are both Creative Directors and Authors from Myriad.Earth, which is creating immersive experiences to show the complexity of animal behavior – and how global animal pathways have been influenced by changes to the environment.

Musical Artists, Bands and Producers Embracing .Earth Domains

From solo artists to bands, as well as digital music producers, festival and conference hosts, the .Earth domain has become foundational for marketing and promoting their fan websites and events.

Using a .Earth Domain to Promote Environmental Conferences, Events and Forums

Many event organizers are realizing the value of using a .Earth domain to promote their efforts, and the number of users keeps increasing.

NASA International Space Apps Challenge Aims to Improve Life on Earth

NASA International Space Apps Challenge launches this weekend, and participants can secure their very own .Earth domains for their submissions for free.