.earth Chronicles

Musical Artists, Bands and Producers Embracing .earth Domains

Oct 15, 2021

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination

and life to everything.” ― Plato

The power of music on humanity is immeasurable, and is growing in importance in the .Earth domain tribe. From solo artists to bands, as well as digital music producers, festival and conference hosts, the .Earth domain has become foundational for marketing and promoting their fan websites and events.

Following are examples of the power of using the .Earth domain for a music-related project or event:

  • Music House: A community that grows artists that deliver their message through music, Music House is a dynamic organization that manages everything from recording to artist promotion. Learn more at MusicHouse.Earth.
  • The Eco-Conscious Alliance: Based out of Austin, Texas, this nonprofit organization channels the power of music into change-making projects around the world. Learn more at EMA.Earth.
  • Music Cosmos Crowd Culture: This event is based on bringing together forward-thinking artists, industry professionals and brands to build a community experience by engaging participation, creating opportunities, and shaping ideas. Learn more at MusicCosmos.Earth.
  • Railroad Earth: Railroad Earth is a bluegrass-influenced American band formed in Stillwater, New Jersey in 2001. The band’s music combines elements of progressive bluegrass, folk, rock, country, jazz, Celtic and other Americana influences. Learn more at Railroad.Earth.
  • Wild Faith: Wild Faith is the name of a singer-songwriter who has more than 20 years of musical performance and activism that emerges through unique folk rock expression. Learn more at WildFaith.Earth.
  • Striking Earth: Paul Teske, aka Striking Earth, is a native of Tampa, Florida, and has emerged as a powerful local house and techno DJ. Learn more at Striking.Earth.

Are you a musician, festival organizer or producer looking to promote your efforts? The .Earth domain can serve as the foundation for making your music known to the world. Please click here to secure your very own .Earth domain.