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Earth Day 2021: Top 10 .earth Domain Users “Restoring Our Earth”

Apr 29, 2021

As part of our ongoing Earth Day 2021 celebration, we wanted to shine a light on the .Earth domain users that are truly living up to the theme of “Restoring Our Earth.”

These individuals and organizations truly operate as if Earth Day was every day, and are going the extra mile to support the natural processes, emerging green technologies, and innovative thinking that can restore the world’s ecosystems.

  • #10 – RestoreOurClimate.Earth: This new non-profit organization aims to halt global warming by removal of atmospheric methane, a potent greenhouse gas, with the use of iron salt aerosols (ISA). Learn more about this organization here.
  • #9 – 4Returns.Earth: This organization is a growing community of people involved in large-scale landscape restoration based on the holistic 4 returns approach. Listen to our Voices.Earth podcast here, and learn more about the organization here.
  • #8 – Rescue.Earth: This organization is all about ecosystem restoration, the rehydration of landscapes, and the efficient production of nutritious food. Learn more here.
  • #7 – Cervest.Earth: This company offers actionable risk intelligence solutions with AI for smarter and sustainable supply-chain and crop development decisions. Learn more here.
  • #6 – Integrity.Earth: This global organization facilitates the convergence of a regenerative society towards a co-creative development process that embraces a whole-systems approach. Learn more here.
  • #5 – GlobalEdge.Earth: This company aims to create regenerative systems that restore global ecosystems and create exponential societal and economic value. Learn more here.
  • #4 – GreenTech.Earth: This organization brings together green technology businesses and supports them with advice around funding, impact, visibility and strategy. Listen to our Voices.Earth podcast here, learn more about the organization here.
  • #3 – WavesOfChange.Earth: This organization hosts an event that brings together like-minded investors, corporations, startups, NGOs, governmental organizations and academics, who become trusted allies in helping to promote sustainable practices that respect and preserve the biosphere. Listen to our Voices.Earth podcast here, and learn more about the organization here.
  • #2 – Single.Earth: This deep tech startup is disrupting corporate climate action to help businesses and organizations make a real impact on the climate and nature by making climate action a part of business processes. Learn more here.
  • #1 – BioDiscovery.Earth: This organization offers an international research program that fosters collaborative interdisciplinary activities on biodiversity and ecosystem science.  Learn more here. 

On April 22nd, we announced a special .Earth domain promotion in honor of Earth Day 2021. Click here to take advantage of this special offer, and join the .Earth domain tribe who are all helping to restore our Earth.