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Top 10 Most Creative and Out-of-the-Box .Earth Domain Users

We have uncovered a new batch of .Earth domain users that are doing things that we could have never imagined. With that in mind, here’s the top 10 most creative and out-of-the-box .Earth domain users.

RadicalOceanFutures.Earth Reimagines the Future of Our Oceans

In this Voices.Earth podcast interview, we speak with Andrew Merrie, a sustainability scientist at the Stockholm University's Resilience Centre, and the founder of RadicalOceanFutures.Earth, which is dedicated to creating a prototype that reimagines our future oceans to guide efforts towards more sustainable ocean governance.

GrailLeadership.Earth Helps the Earth to Thrive Through Leadership Training

In this Voices.Earth podcast interview we speak with Holly McCann, Whole Systems Visionary with GrailLeadership.Earth, which helps leaders and organizations to bring epic visions to life, unleashing mutual thriving of people and the Earth, through embodying round-table leadership.

EcoPing.Earth Reduces Website Carbon Emissions

In this Voices.Earth podcast interview, we speak with Dryden Williams, founder of EcoPing.Earth, which provides tools and reports with key insights and actions to improve your company's website carbon emissions and performance.

Top 7 .Earth Domain Users Dedicated to Saving Our Oceans

Human-caused warming has led to “almost complete loss of stability” in the system that drives Atlantic Ocean currents. Fortunately, here are the top seven .Earth users dedicated to saving our oceans.

AllWeCanSave.Earth Named One of the Best Books on Climate Change

The Earth Day Network recently named AllWeCanSave.Earth as one of the 12 best books on climate change.

Home.Earth Developing Sustainable and Inclusive Urban Communities

In this Voices.Earth podcast interview, we speak with Emil Bender Lassen, co-founder of Home.Earth, a European real estate company setting out to develop urban communities with inclusivity, livability and sustainability at its core.

How to Register Your New .Earth Domain Name

If you have decided that a .Earth domain name is ideal for your organization, congratulations. However, if you are uncertain about what to do once you have decided to join the .Earth domain tribe, have no fear. Registering your new domain name is super easy.

Wanderlands.Earth Aims to Help the U.K. Become Net Zero by 2050

In this Voices.Earth podcast interview, we speak with Tim Oliver, co-founder and Commercial & Marketing Director at Wanderlands.Earth, an organization that works with businesses and individuals across the UK to assess their carbon footprint and create sustainable offset solutions.

Peatlands Play a Key Role in Restoring Our Earth

According to a new study from Murdoch University, drainage-based agriculture is causing our planet’s peatlands to become carbon gas emitters – essentially removing the water from these regions and releasing massive amounts of carbon into the atmosphere.