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Peatlands Play a Key Role in Restoring Our Earth

Jun 29, 2021

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According to a new study from Murdoch University, drainage-based agriculture is causing our planet’s peatlands to become carbon gas emitters – essentially removing the water from these regions and releasing massive amounts of carbon into the atmosphere.

However, the good news is that the re-wetting of these regions can arrest greenhouse emissions on a massive scale. The study highlighted how for every 10 centimeters of water raised in peatlands, the net warming impact can be reduced by at least three tons of CO2 (carbon dioxide) per hectare, per year.

Murdoch University is not the only organization focused on shining a light on the value of restoring peatlands on the future health of our planet.

In fact, there is a youth-led collective in the UK called RE-PEAT.Earth, which is spreading awareness about the importance of preserving peatlands to the general public, as well as to the European Union Assembly.

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